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Re-focus - re-energise - act

Advice that is practical – independent-minded – original – focused on your business.
Thought provoking
A sounding board for you and/or your colleagues.
Your guarantee of confidentiality, care and effort for your business.

Ever tried a Business Coach?

How it can help you:
  • Improving or refreshing your perspective
  • Creating your business vision
  • Setting your goals
  • Planning the implementation effectively - even though you could do with more staff
  • Gaining accountability and improving your profit If you are interested in any our services then please contact us to find out more.

    Meeting your needs

    Have you a clear business strategy? You wouldn’t set off on a long journey without a sat nav or map, would you?

    Most owners and directors of small to medium sized businesses expect to work hard and long hours. Many do not have a complete management team to support them or perhaps no team at all. Others have a team, but no one who will question them and contribute ideas for developing their business. If any of these is familiar you may find that an independent, confidential sounding board helps you re-focus, re-energise and move your business forward again. Share the problem – let’s solve it together.  A business strategy review can often re-focus the whole team.

    I can try to help you access funding from the Manufacturing Advisory Service ("MAS") or Growth Accelerator for projects.  You may also need help ascertaining whether you are entitled to R&D tax credits, now attracting relief of 225%.

    Kelmscott Consulting Limited may be for you. We are happy to arrange a free initial meeting to ensure we can work comfortably together.

    Choose what you need from Kelmscott Consulting

    • Defining your vision
    • Strategic planning and business growth strategies
    • Business improvement – increasing profits and cash
    • Professional management coaching
    • Implementation of strategy
    • Making meetings effective
    • Business financial planning
    • Choosing & setting objectives
    • Aligning your team’s objectives with the strategy