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A strategy – why do I need one of those?
Occasionally, a managing director tells me that they have a strategy for their business in their head.  I ask if they will describe it for me. Understandably, the results are often unclear, in no particular order and sound more like a list of fairly short term tasks or objectives.  If so, their management team and staff are probably unclear about it too.
Perhaps a little military discipline might help us here:
  • "strategy”: planning and directing military activity in a war
  • “tactics”: organising the movement of armed forces and their supplies
Strategy takes a broad view of what is intended and how it will be achieved.  Tactics focus on detailed, often localised, logistics.  So, setting a strategy enables us to choose what we want the business to achieve in the next (say) 1-3 years and what changes or developments will be required to fulfil this ambition.  We then employ tactics to achieve the individual elements of the overarching strategy.  This may relate to individual tasks that need to be done in the short term or a series of projects through the medium term to enable something to be accomplished.
Many businesses either have no defined strategy or have not articulated it to their people.  Returning to the military again, is it likely that a war, a battle or even a skirmish will be won if the troops in the midst of it are unclear about what they must do?
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