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Time for a new or updated web site?
Having worked through this process, I thought I would share a few of the practical issues arising:
  • Take the time and opportunity to think what your business is really about first
  • Identify the key messages you want to communicate
  • Consider how brand clarity and promise are communicated
  • Think from your customers’ perspective
    • Plan the content from this
    • Choose the language for this
    • Think about the level of functionality you need
  • Choose the content and style methodically, but flexibly
  • Test the draft content with colleagues and others outside the business who will provide an objective view
  • Select your web developer carefully
    • Listen to their ideas, but remember it’s your site and your business being projected so keep it true to your culture
    • Ensure you will have subsequent editorial control so as to keep it fresh at minimal cost
Kelmscott Consulting does not hold itself out as an expert in the field of web site development, but if you’re feeling daunted about where to start in creating a new site or updating an existing one and think some practical advice would help just click the link at the foot of this page, use the Contact page or call 07870 917272. Good luck.