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What, or who, is your brand?
If you’re the Managing Director of a small to medium sized business, here’s a potentially surprising thought.  Have you considered the extent to which you are the brand that is associated with your business?
Most Managing Directors and Chief Executives spend a considerable amount of time trying to ensure their business branding is fresh and projects what they want it to communicate.  You’ll have found out already that this is never easy.  The practical issue that I have found is not always highlighted is the degree to which you may be the brand.
A daunting prospect maybe, but it shouldn’t be frightening.  You run the business.  It’s your vision and strategy that motivate your team.  The style and culture comes from the top.
So, what follows from this?  Well, make sure that you and the chosen brand are comfortable together.  The styles and what they project to customers and others should be the same.  If they are:
•Your personal brand and the business brand will support each other
•The credibility of both your business and personal brands will be strengthened
•Customers and others will feel clear about the culture of the business with which they are dealing
Remember – you’ve got to be objective and honest with yourself first and then make sure the corporate image fits this too.
One other tip, if you run an SME don’t get carried away with trying to create a big brand image.  Help the brand develop, let it express an image and a promise, but keep focused on projecting what sells profitably.
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